Solo Starter Product Warning

A UK manufacturer is distributing a product labeled as the "Solo Starter," which displays a trademark symbol identical to that of DocZ's original Solo Starter products. Although the UK manufacturer has obtained legal trademark rights in the UK for this symbol, it's important to note that this does not extend to international rights and will receive no support from DocZ International.

Copycat Solo Starter

Pictured above is a tent advertising the copied Solostarter. Notice that DocZ International is not mentioned on their tent or material.

The current trademark used by DocZ differs slightly, displaying an (R) symbol instead of TM. Despite the similarity in appearance, the UK-manufactured products are not equivalent to the official DocZ "Original Solo Starter" products, which are American-made and supported.

For clarity and to avoid confusion, especially regarding product support, we recommend ensuring the authenticity of any solo starter products by double checking your invoices and the labels on your hardware. This is crucial as the UK manufacturer previously distributed our original product but has now chosen to manufacture and distribute their own copy of our original design. 

We advise customers to purchase directly from DocZ in the USA to ensure the authenticity of the "Original DocZ International Solo Starter" and receive the appropriate support. The support is only guaranteed for products manufactured by DocZ in the USA.